Sunday, April 20, 2014

Squirrel Experiment

Just a drawing break before I get back to quantum mechanics :)
Sleep tight!
xoxo Alex

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Humpback whale (with fish!)

Didn't do much, just darkened it alittle and added some fish. Now I think it works a lot better with the spacing :)
Sorry for the sucky photo by the way-it is always hard taking pictures of the big ones, especially when it's dark!
See all you lovely people tomorrow!
xoxo Alex

Friday, April 18, 2014

Commission-humpback whale

Finally getting round to this cool commission. I must say finding the reference photo was the hardest for this, because apparently taking pictures of full humpback whales is not the easiest thing in the world XD
I now found one, but the colors are not in great shape so I'm basically using the colors of a different one-complicated story.
So anyway, it is not quite done yet, I want to make the contrast higher and add some more detail to the pen layer but I think it is working out quite well so far! ;) And it's bigger than it looks on this photo!

This week is so awesome!
xoxo Alex

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm Back with some initials!

Woohooo! Hello everyone! ;) I'm back from the beautiful Finland! Had an amazing creative time there, lots of creative juices were flowing and I'm sure you'll see some of the influences of this trip in some of the next pieces! I also drew there quite a bit, so maybe in the next few weeks you'll see some of those sketches too! :)
This piece has been long waiting to be finished though, it is not quite done yet, the bottom part is still a little rough and empty but it won't be long until it's done ;)

This is a really interesting style I'm exploring right now. I really like it, and I think I'll do some more pieces like this...
xoxo Alex

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Takeover - Initial sketch vs. line-art vs. finshed piece & Aliens

First of all, I'm so so sorry for not posting yesterday guys and also sorry Alex for ruining your statistics. I know I suck. Ffs Alex runs this blog now for so long and has missed how many days? Two? And I've to do four days and already mess up. Sorry.
But: I do have an excuse. I was already running late (yayy, procrastination) and than my internet connection died, but because it was already quite late, I couldn't ask my brother to fix it. 
But on a positive note: As you can see my internet connection works again and so I'm here with what I wanted to show you yesterday aswell as the stuff I had in mind for today.

Part 1:

I decided not to start all over with the Sick Puppies cartoon-thingy, because when I looked at it yesterday I decided that I needed some fixes here and there but wasn't as bad as I had initially thought.

Do you also sometimes feel like your drawings lose a lot of character and life when you turn the sketches into line-art and then into a finished product? Sometimes I think scetches look so much cooler and energetic than the finished drawings...Maybe you can see what I mean:
3. Finished drawing.

2. Line-Art
1. Sketch

For the people wondering why the characters don't have faces and why it's only 'area-shading' and not detailed shading: I'm currently trying to find my own cartoon-style and an the moment I really like the simplified style.
But I have to say I don't like this drawing because the people look rather stiff and not as dynamic as I wanted them to be (especially the guy on the right.) Wow, they look like a 10 year old kid drew them. Damn.

Part 2:

As some of you might know, I love drawing aliens and I've recently been using them as a kind of warm-up exercise. These are some of my favourites:

 So. This is it for me, tomorrow you'll have Alex back :) And then you will finally get more organized posts again and not my random and chaotic stuff.
And sorry for all the talking btw, I just love explaiing what was going on in my mind while drawing etc.


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